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290 Vinery


The ideal gift for wine lovers!

Have you dreamed of owning a vineyard?  Or a full-fledged winery?  That’s quite an undertaking!  If you don’t have the time or the wherewithal, you can always participate in the vine adoption program at 290 Vinery in Johnson City, TX!

This is the perfect idea to mark a special occasion.You can officially adopt a vine or multiple vines in your own name or as a gift!  It’s a unique and lasting way of celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or college graduation.  A festive gift for the holidays, or a special gift for someone who loves good wine and who would appreciate understanding a bit more about how a vineyard works and the vine-to-wine process. Perhaps you wish to celebrate a company milestone, a college graduate, a marriage proposal or an important birthday!  If you are a wine enthusiast or you know one, it’s a very thoughtful and unique gift unlike any other. With our Adopt-A-Vine program you can watch the growing process, learn how to prune from our Vineyard Manager and participate in harvesting your vine or row, along with many other 290 Vinery insider opportunities. Eventually these vines will produce the delicious red grapes that go into making some of our estate wines.

How does it work? First you walk through the vineyard to find a vine that calls out to you. Once you find the perfect vine write down the type, the row number and the vine number within that row. Each row is marked at the beginning and end of the row with the vine type and row number. Count down from the start of the row to get you vine number. Once you have picked your varietal, and vine, Take the location of your vine into the tasting room and we will record you as a new adoptive parent of a 290 Vinery vine. Vinery staff will help you fill out the form, where you decide & record what you would like your plaque to say and the length of the adoption agreement. We will need this information to put on your Certificate and the nameplate on the vine. You can choose the date you would like the adoption to start.

When you have placed your order we will send to you or the recipient (depending on delivery instructions) the certificate, a letter all about the adoption and the relevant vouchers depending on which package you have chosen.

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