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290 Vinery

Andy Lee
March 19, 2019 | Andy Lee

Blending Your Own Wine!

Create your own wine blend! This is a new and exciting 290 Vinery program that allows you to develop a custom wine recipe based on your palate. Under the guidance of our experts, you will be given the choice of up to 4 different Texas wines to use in your blend.  We'll provide you with beakers, bottles and samples to experiment with. Once you are satisfied with you creation, we will store 9 to 10 liters of your blend for approximately 30 days at which time we will ask you to visit again to re-taste and tweak your wine if necessary. Then we will bottle a case with your custom labels and give you a call to come and pick up your wine.

Price includes:

Our expertise and guidance
Sample wines
Use of beakers
Use of sample bottles
A case (12 bottles) of your blend
Custom Labels on your bottles

$230 for wine club members. $250 for non-club members.

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