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290 Vinery

Andy Lee
August 14, 2020 | Andy Lee

Outside Seating beginning Saturday, August 15th

We will begin to phase in the re-opening of the tasting room by providing outside seating starting on Saturday, August 15th from noon to 5 pm. With the "51% Rule" in place, tastings, glasses and bottles of wine consumed at the 290 Vinery will require the purchase of an additional item such as food (pizzas, cheese plate, pretzels, etc.) or merchandise. This is as a result of the state mandate that specifies we must be under 51% in alcohol sales to remain open. This rule will remain in place due to COVID. Of course as the situation changes, we will update social media and this website.

"Take-Out" bottle and taste sales will not require any additional purchase. Hope to see all y'all soon!


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