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290 Vinery

June 4, 2017 | SUSAN KIRCHMAN

THE Party!

The celebration was well underway when we unveiled our very own, very first red and white blends: After the (brief) speeches about how momentous the occasion was, the tasting and toasting began. We were so delighted with everyones responses, we were thrilled really!  

Then the food rolled out, the red and white balloons billowed down, the music played, the guests had a ball in the photo booth, and a great time was had by all.   If you have not TAGGED yourself in the photos please go to our FaceBook page photo gallery and do so.  It will help us get the word our about what fun we have around here

If you have not visited lately, come by and see for yourself whats going on at the 290Vinery.   

Little White Lies: Our own blend of Muscat Blanc and Roussanne grapes producing florals, apple and tropical fruits on the nose. Slight acidity enhances the tropical fruit flavors with hints of pineapple and apple. Goes great with light fare such as a fruit and cheese plate or sautéed chicken with champagne sauce. Yum!

To order Little White Lies, please click on this link:  /product/Little-White-Lies

Caught Red Handed:  A magical blend of Malbec and Mourverde grapes, this hits your taste buds with spice and plum. A lingering smooth finish you will not soon forget, this wine will match the best Zinfandels around. Great to drink socially or with a nice steak or BBQ. 

To order Caught Red Handed, please click on this link: /product/Caught-Red-Handed




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