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290 Vinery

July 25, 2016 | SUSAN KIRCHMAN

Wine with Warren at 1

Due to popular demand we have created a Wine Tasting Class with Warren at the Vinery.  

When planning what time to schedule it we thought...OK let's do it on Saturday mornings at 10.  That way we catch people on their way to the Trail for the day and give them a Tasting Lesson as they head out.   Well, several of our faithful think that 10AM is a tad bit early in the day for wine so we haved changed the class 1PM.  Besides, we just like the sound of "Wine with Warren at 1".   So, 1PM on Saturdays it is.  Email Alison to reserve your spot in this casual, laid back lesson in sniffing, swirling, sipping (not swigging) and choosing your favorite wines.  The class is free, you just pay the usual $15. Tasting Fee.



PK Chua's Gravatar
PK Chua
@ Sep 25, 2016 at 8:14 AM
Hi is this wine lesson still available? I will be town for a couple of days.

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